Happy New Year

The Old Year: 2022

The year of our Lord, Twenty Twenty-Two, 2022, is dying out. This year went by so quickly. And what a year it has been. There was the good and the bad.

  • Russia invaded Ukraine
  • COVID cases eased
  • Queen Elizabeth, the World’s longest-reigning monarch passed away
  • We were ushered into the reign of King Charles III
  • Elon Musk takes over Twitter
  • Sri Lankan protesters forced out their President
  • Iranian protests peaked for the first time since 1979
  • Argentina was successful in Qatar, and with that Messi finally become a World Cup winner
  • Pele passed away

These are a few of the events which happened this year. These only go to show that nothing lasts forever. Indeed, no situation is permanent.

The special number: 23

The New Year, 2023, presents a new set of opportunities for you. It would come with its own triumphs and pains. On a personal level, what does 2023 mean to you?

For starters, let us focus on that last bit of 2023

The number 23 is a prime number. Prime numbers are one of a kind. Prime numbers are unique. Just like the number 23. This is the year for you to show everyone that you are one of a kind. To join the masses would not make you stand out. Therefore, your uniqueness needs to make you stand out.

How are you unique, you ask?

You are unique in several ways.

No one has faced the issues you faced. The exact issues, in the exact situation in all of world history, and no one will ever will. No one has experienced your joys, and no one will ever will

Everyone I have engaged has a unique set of circumstances, sometimes by their creation, and sometimes by the fault of others. Without seeming like I am preaching; I want to profess that may 2023 be the year that you show the world that no one else can;

  • express their thoughts as you can
  • work as you can
  • have the same mix of passions and talents you have

In short no one can be you, even if they tried.

The New Year: 2023

We do not know what the New Year has in store. There have been years when a few months, (and yes even sometimes a few weeks ) into the New Year, my plans have radically changed. Hence, my advice is to let your plans be as adaptable to the circumstances of the New Year.

  • I wish you the uniqueness that the New Year brings
  • I wish you would stand out just as the prime number 23

I wish you the very best of 2023. I will catch you again next month ( the New Year ).

Best regards.

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