What would you become


“A third of your life is spent in a career!“.

Did you know that you would spend one-third of your life working? Ever since I heard the question “What do you want to be?”, I was always impatient to answer it.

Navigating the ocean of career choices

Why not the performing arts ?

And as a child, I believed I already knew the answer. I would be an actor. And why not?

  • I loved watching movies 🎥 and I still do to this day.
  • I would get to meet all my favorite stars like Chuck Norris, Demi Moore, and Steven Siegel whenever we were on set for our next movie.

But alas, there was one problem. All actors only got their parts courtesy of the director and the casting team. I already knew which role I wanted to play. Why the hero of course. I did not like the idea of someone else telling me which roles I could and could not play. So out went the idea of being an actor.

Who knows, I could have been on your TV 📺 screens?

Why not architecture ?

By the time I was a teenager, I thought I knew the answer to the question what would I be? I would be an architect . And why not?

  • I loved the engineering brilliance of my parish ⛪ building and my favorite team’s stadium, the San Siro.
  • I was also good in Pre-technical skills, which was my favorite subject.

But alas there was one problem. Architects needed 7 long years of schooling. I wanted to be an architect now, and not in 7 years. How naive of me to emphasize the duration of the study. So out went the door, the idea of being an architect.

Who knows, I might have been the one designing your dream house 🏘️ ?

Why not Human Resources ?

And finally, as an adult, I felt certain I knew the answer to the question, what do I want to become? I would be an HR administrator. And why not?

  • I would get to meet and work with a lot of people 🧑 .
  • Also HR was a reading 🕮 course, and I was good with reading courses.

But alas again there was a problem. HR administrators often placed themselves in the line of fire to resolve workplace conflicts. I was comfortable in my skin and did not picture placing myself between two 🤼 quarreling parties. And so, went the opportunity of being an HR administrator.

Who knows, I could have been headhunting you for your next job?


“Do not ask what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country”

Today, I realized that I missed the entire point of the question what do you want to be? That question is about what role you play in society. Your ambitions take a backseat. And that of your nation takes the lead.


  • I understand that actors are given roles for the good of the entire crew as well as the movie 🎥 .
  • I understand that spending 7 long years to learn how to properly design buildings that people would live and work in means you design structurally sound buildings 🏘️ .
  • And lastly, I understand that HR administrators need to bring out the best in others for the good of the organizations, even if it means getting in the line of fire 🔥 .

I do not know what you want to be, however, I implore you to pick from my lessons. It is no coincidence that JFK, the 35th president of the USA said “Do not ask what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country.”

If you have any experience to share about how you navigated the sea of career options then kindly reach out. You can also comment or reach out to me via email.

Take care and cheers.

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