The teacher in me

“A good teacher is like candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others”


Today, I would love to show you exactly why the teacher leadership is my preferred leadership style. It is more commonly referred to as coaching leadership.

I would also like to demonstrate how teachers are invaluable to the growth and development of our children.

To help us along the journey, I would use the acronym RIDER to illustrate my points. As well as the fictional character of a teacher called Miss Stella.


The 1st letter R stands for Replicate.

In school when Miss Stella says A for Apple, the pupils respond exactly likewise.

In my own life, the younger ones such nephews, nieces and children may imitate my own actions. Hence, I must be careful of what I say and do around them. I may be unintentionally shaping them by my actions and inactions.


The 2nd letter I stands for Inspired.

In school, Miss Stella, dresses, talks, and conducts herself in a manner that encourages the pupils to act like wise. No wonder when you ask most nursey pupils what they want to be when they grow up, they always reply that they also want to be a teacher.

In my own life, at work, I work hard and quickly on all projects on my plate. By this example, I would want to encourage my team members to also acts like wise.


The 3rd letter D stands for Disseminate.

When pupils head back home from school, they start behaving exactly like their teacher, Miss Stella. This is obvious by the way they hobnob with their teachers throughout the day.

In my own life, I seek to encourage my team members and colleagues to act similarly in their communication, and work attitude. I also wish that they display such vigor in their responsiveness to issues raised by the business.


The 4th letter E stands for Empower.

Miss Stella encourages the pupils that they can be what they dream to be. She does not put limits on the creativity. This is very evident in the many creative drawings and artwork they come out with in their scribbling classes.

In my own life, I give my team members all the backing, they will need to lead trainings, act in my absence, as well delivering promptly.


And the final acronym R stands for Retune.

When Miss Stella notices that there is a pupil who is lagging others in her class, she shows concern. She adapts her lesson notes and approach to accommodate this one pupil. As soon as she does that this the pupil is able to catch up with others in no time at all.

In my own life, I also adapt accordingly as per the project, resource, business owners, and the problems which come across my desk. I give each the required level of attention. I have come to realize that some tasks need only 2 minutes of your time, whilst others demand that you two whole days of your time.


Now Miss Stella has a top-notch class of pupils ready to be promoted from the nursery to the kindergarten level.

In my own life, I seek to be a coach-style leader. I know that no situation is permanent. Hence, I seek to graduate those in my charge in one way or another. At that stage I would happily beat my chest to report that I was a part of that success.

So what is your leadership style ? Kindly share with me, please share why you prefer that leadership stlye.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, God willing, take care.

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