Writing about not writing

Write now

I should quickly write down this post before I lose the urge to write altogether.

This has happened several times before. If I fail to write, then it will quickly turn into a habit. A bad one. I do not like bad habits.

Do not let the title be misleading. This blog is not about telling you not to write. To the contrary, it’s about letting you know that you absolutely must write. Beginning this instant.

Reasons not to write

Sometimes, you may feel like you should drop the whole idea of writing all together. Why? Because it is a lot of work.

However, when I do think of not writing, I also think about all the other reasons which made me start in the first place. It wasn’t about being famous. Neither was it about showing that I knew how to write well. (I consider many others to be better writers than myself)

Why I started writing

Helping others

To me it was about helping other people on the web, (particularly programmers). The way I see it, others helped me on my journey by their posts, even though they never even knew it. Thanks to all of them, people like Mkyong, Walsh, and Bucky etc. They are too many to mention, otherwise I would never finish this post.

It is a complementary skill

It was also about being able to help generate good content for startups, and other causes I am a part of. As a programmer there are complementary skills which aid me. And being a good writer is one of them.

As a typical example, in giving a description of my product on the play store, it takes some level imagination. As well as some thought so that the user knows the message you intend to convey. We do not want to write a plain description of our application now, do we ?

Keeps your mind sharp

I have kept my writing creativity alert enough to continue. I like to write and read. And that was before I realized I also liked writing code too. Ever since then my code repository has grown much bigger than my articles and blog posts.

There are more reasons to write

Now I know I could never exhaust the list of reasons to blog because there are so many that I would be cruel to say I could ever list them all.

Begin today

Wow, look at how time flies. It seems like only yesterday I started my BlogSpot account. That is where I actively started writing. And that was from 2010.

Make a habit of writing something you are passionate about at least once a week. Do not limit yourself to only posting on a website. Share it on social media. Write about whatever you want. An empty piece of paper or blank word document is your creative playground.

Write only the good stuff though, nothing malicious or hateful.

And for the love of God don’t come with the excuse I have no time to blog. I had a nice time writing (chatting) with you.

I will catch you again next week here. (God willing) until then blog away.

Best regards.

Anthony Eli Agbenu would love to get in touch
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