Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Review and Gameweek 4 Preview


This is a brief and straight to the point review from a group of FPL enthusiasts. Sharing for this game week are;

  • Les rois ( 72 points ) 😁
  • Black Ranger ( 64 points ) 😐
  • Les Onze Combattants ( 53 points ) 😒
  • ODM OMNIA ( 47 points ) 😴

The good

“Captain Choice was on point. ANTONIO!!!!!”- Black Ranger 🔥 🔥 🔥

“Fornals!!! My only positive ⭐ comment.”- ODM OMNIA

“Apart from the defense big points were given from the entire squad”- Les rois 😄

“Midfield picks were a source of points and comfort”- les onze combattants

The bad

“I need to reconsider my Goalkeeper choice plus Fernandes”- Black Ranger 😤

“Deciding 🤔 to captain Bruno and I paid dearly.sobs”- ODM OMNIA

Continually missing out on that Antonio points haul”- Les rois

“Made a bad choice captaincy choice again!”- les onze combattants

What is next ?

“I’m still torn on whether to give up on Bruno Fernandes. Or even use my wildcard” - Black Ranger

“Seriously thinking about activating the wildcard.I need Ronaldo 🐐 because obviously siuuuuuuuu”- ODM OMNIA

“Continue improving the defence by bringing in Luke Shaw for the suspended Recce James”- les onze combattants

“Firmino not likely to play hence Jota comes in. Also bringing in Benrahma”- Les rois

Captain’s arm band

“Antonio - Safe”- Black Ranger

“Ronaldo 🐐 ”- ODM OMNIA 😎

“It goes to Lukaku for the home fixture to Aston Villa” - les onze combattants

“Making Antonio captain. Just afraid that when I do that is when he decides to not score ⚽ ”- Les rois

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