Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 2 Review


This is a brief and straight to the point review from a group of FPL enthusiasts. Sharing for this game week are;

  • Black Ranger ( 75 points ) ⭐
  • ODM OMNIA ( 74 points ) ⭐
  • Les Onze Combattants ( 58 points ) 😕
  • Les rois ( 55 points ) 😩

The good

“Captaining Mahrez was the difference. Still pains 😢 me he only played 15 mins”- ODM OMNIA

“Points haul from my defence was super. I had 28 points in all from the rear guard”- Les rois

“I had a strong showing from my Chelsea assets. 32 points from 3 players, and none of them were my captain. 😊 Wow! ”- les onze combattants

“My main aim is to beat the odds by focusing on differentials so my captain was Mane while majority focused on Salah”- Black Ranger 💡

The bad

“Going for Fornals instead of Benrahma or Antonio”- ODM OMNIA

“Missed out on that Antonio points massacre, again ! 😩 ”- Les rois

“I made a bad choice for captain.”- les onze combattants

“Pep Roulette made me bench Dias ( Bad Move)”- Black Ranger 💔

What is next ?

“Bringing Antonio in. Keeping an eye 👀 on Bamford or Raphinha”- ODM OMNIA

“Bringing in Lloris to give me a few clean sheets.”- les onze combattants

“With a juicy fixture against Crystal Palace, I am dropping Antonio straight into the squad”- Les rois

“I didn’t make any changes in the last GW so I have two 2️⃣ changes. I am taking Iheanacho and Tsimikas out.Options to bring in Calvert Lewin, Dallas or Bamford” - Black Ranger

Captain’s arm band

“Antonio is the obvious pick against a bad Palace defence”- ODM OMNIA 😎

“Definitely Antonio 💯”- Black Ranger

“Looking at Kane for 1st goal of the season or Torres against a generous Arsenal defence” - les onze combattants

“Hard for me to look beyond Grealish at home.”- Les rois

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