4 lessons we learn from politicians


It is the election season yet again. It is that time in our lives for us to go to the polls and choose who we want to represent our interests at national levels.

As politicians give interviews, speeches, release advertisements and manifestos on why they should be voted into power, I cannot fail but to see a few merits that politicians live by. These merits and ideals would be useful to anyone else who could emulate it as well.

Life lessons

The following are four (4) glaringly positive traits which we should emulate from politicians.

Making an impact in life

“Life is about making an impact, not making an income.” – Kevin Kruse

All politicians would love to make an impact when they enter office. Politicians seems to have boundless enthusiasm for the work they do or the agenda they seek to push. Politicians have entered politics to advance an ideal, movement and the right way they look at doing things. In short, they are enthusiastic for a goal.

It is no wonder that most politicians who win power are swept in office in a wave of euphoria of positivity. They come into office on the back of what they are passionate about.

That is why they take the time to include these passions as part of their campaign promises. Invariably, politicians make people also care about what they believe in. Think about the politicians before us like;

  • Nelson Mandela
  • Kwame Nkrumah
  • William Wallace
  • Harvey Milk

All these people believe very strongly in something. And they used the political instruments in their day to get changes and make them happen.

Be passionate about a goal. What do you care about? What you are passionate about? What do you hope to come to fruition? I am certain you have a passion.

  • Is it helping street children?
  • Is it evangelism?

Just as politicians lead us into following their passions, follow yours as well to its logical conclusion. Believe in your vision and your passion, because if you do not believe in your own dreams who else do you expect to believe in it?

Keeping promises and being accountable

Do you keep your promises?

Politicians do their best to follow through on their promises. Politicians are measured primarily by what they said they would do. Follow through on promises. You need to be accountable to someone, just like how politicians are accountable to those who voted to move them into power.

Politicians have the electorate to keep them accountable. Who do you have to alert you when you fail to fulfill upon your word? I advise having someone in your life to whom you are accountable to.

  • If you are married, then I suggest being accountable to your spouse.
  • If not, then perhaps your parents?
  • If parents are gone then perhaps your siblings.

Being accountable forces you to following through on your promises. In the end, somebody somewhere is looking up to you for to keep your promises.

For example, if you have a five (5) year plan, be sure to measure yourself at the need of that plan. Follow through with yourself on your own promises. It is true that it is difficult to put yourself out there.

However, if you do not open yourself up to scrutiny and criticism, you can never grow. You cannot get better. Based on all this feedback from being accountable, and taking responsibility, you can only end up becoming a better version of yourself.

Demonstrating responsibility

Can you handle responsibility?

Closely linked to the earlier point is that of taking responsibility. Politics is neither about personal gain, nor about ego, nor about the accumulation of power. It is about being entrusted with the hope of several thousands of people.

Consequently, the politicians usually entrusted with power are worthy of it by the electorate. Put another way, the electorate see greatness in them. Is there greatness in you?

To be given a position of responsibility means that you have shown very clearly that you are interested in the success of a group. That is a vote of approval to yourself as a person, which is why you have been granted authority over this group.

Keeping up appearances

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression — there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” — Marc Jacobs

Being elected means that you represent a group of people. When anyone looks at you then they see all that your electorate, nation, municipality, or group stand for being embodied in a single person.

Thus, dressing well, and looking smart are never as more important as with politicians. Wearing tethered clothing, jeans and shirts are certainly not welcome here.

Of course, this includes having good display profiles. Keep decent profiles online. Nothing indecent should be seen in your statuses or profile pictures.

Also, the politicians always greet and smiles.

How can you ask for votes with a frown on your face? Whether you are asking for votes from family and friends, from your neighbors, or strangers you need to ask it with a smile.


Remember to vote

I want to encourage you to live your best life by picking all the best traits from the politicians you respect. Emulate the best parts and neglect the worst.

Finally, are there any other traits of politicians that you personally like? Share these as well.

( And by the way when the time comes remember to vote. )

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