Here are 5 lies about enterpreneurship


Dear reader,

These are all my opinions and not that of any organization I may belong to. I feel these myths inhibit the progress of entrepreneurs the world over.

I would encourage you (yes you reader) to consider these points and not simply cast them aside.

You can do it all by yourself

Life is not a fairy tale, and neither are you superman. In life you need a team of likeminded individuals, who have the same goal, to make your business comes to life.

Yes, it is true that there are people who started alone, but they carried others along with them. You need others to propel you to greater heights. Everything is cool when you are part of a team.

The initial business idea will never change

Let us face it. Plans change. Life is dynamic. The only constant thing about life is that nothing is constant. Your initial beliefs may no more hold true.

Pivots in ideas are not a bad thing, embrace it, because it is only a fool who does not change his mind. It is a big lie to believe you can stay ahead with what you knew yesterday.

Knowledge is doubling ever so often, especially with the internet at everyone’s tips. Information flows faster. Do not be the only one left out. Take advantage of this information NOW.

The technology matters more than the business

I also used to be so focused about the technology required to build products. So much so that I delayed the release of a project because I wanted the right fit. In the end what happens is that you over engineer a product that should be relatively simple.

Do not get me wrong, it is good to have good tech, but the overarching factor should be doing the business give any value (perceived or otherwise) to your clients. They matter the most, not your tech. Heck 9 times out of 10 they do not even want to know the tech behind the business.

It is a painful lesson to learn, especially when you see other businesses with supposedly worse tech faring better financially than your business.

A better location would make my business better

I live in Ghana, an emerging market. I hear some Ghanaians give sentiments like the following on radio, or social media

  • This country is hard
  • The economy is slow
  • The currency is weak

I also used to think the same. Thank God I have seen the light. My advice to you, and others as well is is this “Play the card you have been dealt”. Your unique position wherever you are has nicely positioned you to take advantage of opportunities that others in more advanced economies have passed on from.

You can be the one who brings solutions that would improve their lives.

There is no need to validate ideas

Usually when building an app, website, graphic design or any other creative work, you are doing it for your customer. It is true you can be your own customer. If you are still adamant on building for yourself, then at least try and see if there are as many people who feel the same pains that you feel.

Whichever way you go about it, you are still going to have to validate at some stage. You don’t need to have the perfect plan before you start. However, a plan that is half as good won’t do you any harm.

Do not put in all the hard work and long hours only to have an empty cash register. Take the path of least regret for your future self.

The end

Anyways that is it for now. I have many more to share, and I will be sure to do so soon. Until then I hope the best for you in all your endeavors and your business.

Thank you.

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