Four apps you need when isolated


Isolation can be difficult

Being isolated can be difficult. Especially, when it was as unplanned and unexpected as now. All of us are being quarantined because of the Coronavirus. Fortunately, alot of us understand why we need to stay indoors in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

In this time of self isolation, the relevance of some apps has grown, others continue to shine and some seem to dim down. For example, ride sharing fall into the category of those that are neither as frequently used nor seem as important, as before COVID-19. Afterall, you cannot go out if you are locked down. Here are my thoughts on apps that you need in these self isolation times.

Messaging apps

The fun ( more jovial ) messaging apps

This must seem like the Cocoa season for Zuckerberg

When you are locked up indoors, if can feel lonely pretty fast. However, everyone still needs to communicate, right ? And so messaging apps do that quite brillantly. No wonder, Facebook has had a surge in usage recently. From Instagram, to Whatsapp and Facebook, this must seem like the Cocoa season for Zuckerberg.

My favorite app: Telegram

Alternatively you can use: WhatsApp

Work centered messaging apps

No one sends cat pictures on these apps

COVID-19 has not stopped the world from turning. If you are lucky to still have job, then you are blessed. You should not take that for granted. That means you still have deadlines to meet. I prefer to list a sub category for work specific messages. I especially love how you can know that all messages coming on these specific category of apps are very serious ( ie serious on work ). You can be 100% sure that no one is going to be sending cat pictures on these platforms.

My favorite app: Slack

Alternatively you can use: MS Teams

Conferencing apps

My favorite app does it so well, it has Conference as part of its name

Messaging apps are so strong and needed in this period, that I had to break down, and introduce yet another sub category of messaging apps. Even though, yes Whatsapp, MS teams, Skype and similar apps above can also conference. I believe it is worth recognizing those apps that do them so well. Even the name of my favorite app in this category does it so well it has Conference as part of its name.

My favorite app: Free Conference Call

Alternatively you can use: Zoom

File storage and sharing

Their annual subscription fee has been well worth every penny

If you work online, then you are almost certainly creating digital content. You need to save all of this content somewhere. This somewhere needs to be

  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Retrievable
  • Kept under lock and key

And no I did not just list the attributes of your trunk in your bedroom. There are a plethora of apps that may come to mind. However, my favorite app does it for me. They have been doing it for many years now, and for many persons the world over. And I can assure, their annual subscription fee has been well worth every penny.

My favorite app: DropBox

Alternatively you can use: Google Drive

Audio materials

It is easy to absorb information wherever you go with these apps

Audio materials are one of the best ways to learn as you work round the house or do some other activity. Do not let the usefulness of such apps go down the drain. Especially if you keep paying for them.

My favorite app: Audible

Alternatively you can use: Podcast Addict


It may seem like these are the last days on Earth. However this does not mean that the World is ending soon. It would not. And as World continues to spin, you want to have learnt something useful everyday. Alot of apps, can you fill this void. You can have specific apps for for every age grouping. However I feel my favorite app in this category has all you need.

My favorite app: Udemy

Alternatively you can use: Coursera

To conclude

It is true that being quarantined, might feel like a curse. However, with access to such apps, you can yet turn these curses into blessings.

These are my thoughts. What are yours ? Any particular apps you would like to share. Thank you in advance for sharing. Take care, stay safe and remember to stay indoors.


And wash your hands too

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