Parallels between The Walking Dead, Coronavirus, and Life

I cannot bear but to see the similarities between the global response to the Coronavirus in The Walking Dead.

Not an ordinary Zombie movie

What is The Walking Dead you say ? It is only one of the most watched, and successful TV series currently on air. The series centers on a group of survivors who must walk the earth amongst the dead. These dead ( or Zombies ) have been resurrected thanks to a virus.

Why do I watch it you ask ? I watch it because it has lots of action, in each and every episode.

The scared and the brave

There are times when truth is stranger than fiction. And these are such times. I must first reiterate that these are not ordinary days. Times like these tend to show the worst and best sides to human behavior. We get to see two classes of people:

  1. The scared
  2. Those who man up

Those who man up, read on the current situation from reliable references and sources.

On the other hand, the scared represent themeselves

  1. as being paranoid
  2. becoming restless
  3. re-sharing every hoax to their social circle.

Those who are scared are not content by being the only ones who are afraid. They would also want to spread fear to everyone around them. To these end, they hoard food, medicine and other supplies. Often, a single person hoards items far in excess of what he needs to the detriment of those who really and honestly need it. If they are in a position to sell items, then it becomes worse. They increase prices, hoping to profit from the situation.

What is most important

Apart from all of these, stress also comes in the form of strains on relationships. This is obvious, since we all care deeply for our cherized contacts. Afterall, no one, would want their loved ones to be alone in these trying times.

It makes people remember what is really important. And that is family, friends and other valued associations. From the series, you can see this when Rick looks for his family after he woke up from his coma. Eventually he found his family. However it was only after fighting through hoads of walkers.

An important area the series touches on is how we deal with loss. Unfortunantely there are some who intentionally spread the sickness. For example, in China, there was a videa of one woman who was spreading it in elevators! Fortunately, she was apprehended before she could do more damage. That is clearly someone who is scared she will die alone, and wants to take as many with her as possible.

It starts with denial

Interestingly, like all responses to critical events , the imediate response is to deny it. Some people failed to believe that the virus was even real to begin with. Some said it was all just a big conspiracy.

When all evidence, and trusth worthy news outlet proved its authenticity then they said there was no was that is would reach them. several myths were made up as to why this virus could not possibly reach their front doors. Myths like it cannot survive in cold and warm climates.

Please bust your myths on Coronavirus from the WHO

Eventually, our myths, and any otherstrongly held beliefs are broken down by proven facts and cases. Then we get to know that yes, we are not immune from these diseaes reaching us. Thus proven , what do we do next ?

Stay strong till a cure is found

The answer is to prepare. We prepare until a solution, or better yet cure has been developed. I would not tell you here what to do ? So many approaches have been preached by various persons all over the internet. From isolation to many unproven treatments.

Lose your soft skin

The Walking Dead series is ten whole seasons long. And, in those ten seasons, only a handful of survivors from the first season are still alive. Characters like Carol and Daryl are alive and kicking. However to remain alive up until this season they have had to shed off their soft skins and grow thicker ones. Carol for one is a clear character from the first season who has shed off her weaker traits.

What is soft skin ? The soft skins I am referring to here are the ones such as ignorance, blind hope, blissful neglect and the such. Lose these and grow thicker ones. The alternative is to get informed, and be well read. It is much better to be a well informed survivor than the alternative.

And that is what each survior from the Walking Dead series is. They are rugged, tough as nails, unapologetic and most importantly determined to see the zombie epidemic through.

Parting words

Finally, I would like to remind you to be prepared, be determined and stay safe. Eventually, all things must come to an end. However long that takes. That end would come sooner or later.

As a last note, it would not hurt for you to relax by watching the series, The Walking Dead.


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