On mentoring

As project managers, team leaders, co-founders and company executives we should never stop seeking to introduce the best practices into the projects we are priviledged to be a part of.

Be it hard or soft skills, , we should make it a point to leave our imprints on the projects and teams for which we are a part of.

One way is to help groom and grow the next batch of leaders to take the mantle after us. Remember it is not a competition on who gets to the glory. For in the end we are all on the same team. And ultimately we seek the same goal. The increased performance of the team and the realization of the benefit the project should have brought its customers.

As much as possible, give a lending hand to the new, inexperienced members on your team. In that way, we would have played a significant role in someone else's growth. This can happen at your church, work and even school.

The highest way to know more is by teaching. So teach, mentor and help someone on their way to become the best version of themselves. It may not be easy dealing with all the eccentricities, folly and naivetiy of the greenhorn. However

  • if not you then who would help groom the next generation of excellent leaders this world badly needs more of.
  • if not you then when will we see the next batch of leaders alongside us ready to take the baton.

Until next time, keep learning. Cheers.

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