Lessons from characters from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is currently in season 6. That’s six adventure packed seasons that fans everywhere keep waiting for every week. It even keeps the US President glued to his television set ( President Obama is the most popular fan of Game of Thrones )

I am also an enthusiastic fan of the series. Everybody wants from Game Of Thrones wants something.

Some simply want a wife.

Some wants vengeance.

Some want love.

And most want the throne.

There is something we can learn from every villain and hero. The following are a few lessons I have noted down from some of the characters.

Some characters have been explored more because of the roles they have played up to this point. So without much more talk, lets get to it.

Daenerys Targaryen

Also called , ( I love this title ) The Dragon Queen.


There are still good people on this Earth.

Her decisions are always based on good intentions.

Don’t break a woman’s heart ( Hell knows no wrath like a woman’s fury )

Remember when her guardian from the 13, wins her over and then betrays her for her dragons. Yea, I guess you do. Guess how she repays him back. She locks him in his vault with his lover forever. Damn ! That’s harsh woman

Keeps your cards close to your chest

The way in which she rid the unsullied of their slave owners was classic. She never let the slave owners know she spoke Valyarian. And in the trade off, she made her dragon burn its new master. Her unmenacing nature puts her enemies off guard and she makes sure to use it to her advantage. She keeps doing so every time.

Love is a strong thing, it also makes people do stupid things

As a Khalessi, she loves her Khal. She loves Khal Drogo very much. So she goes against the advice of the clan to use the magic of a witch to heal him. Even Jorah Mormont told her “Nothing is worth what this will cost u, not even the Iron Throne”.

This ironically leaves Khal Drogo like a vegetable. It also causes the death of her unborn child ( oh and yeah Drogo’s horse dies too )

Now to her arrogant brother…..

Viserys Targaryen


Choose your allies well

Lets look at the sequence of events that illustrate this point, shall we ?

  1. He wanted the crown so he aligned himself to Khal Drogo by marrying his sister off.

  2. He then become impatient, when he realized the Khal had no intention of giving him his army.

  3. He took matters into his own hands, and he took his sister, but most importantly his unborn child hostage.

A big mistake.

The Khal finished him off in epic fashion. That was one of my wow scenes from season one. ( I was literally saying wow like 10 seconds after that episode ended )

You don’t remember it ? Let me jog your memory. The Khal gives him false hope, then lets the guards seize him, before he finishes him off by pouring molten liquid gold onto his head. That’s serious in-law issues written all over it.

And now to the Khalessi’s tough as nails husband …

Khal Drogo


Don’t be soft

If you believe in something, it will make you enemies. That’s alright. Everyone has enemies, even Christ did.

When Khal Drogo was tough, his whole army followed him. In my view the downfall of the Khal was because of the softness of his Khalessi. Her mercy on the witch allowed the witch to get to Khal Drogo with witch magic. In a way love killed Drogo.

People respect ability and power

This was shown clearly in how the clan left Khal Drogo once he became ill and was a weakling.

Two memorable quotes from that scene were “This isn’t Westeros, where they honor blood. Here they only honor strength” and “A Khal who cannot ride is no Khal”.

In effect, they respect the strongest man alive

When the Khalessi attempts to control the clan, she uses the name of the Khal, saying “The Khal will hear why you denied me”.

The Lannisters

The Game of Thrones, is also made up of the Lannisters. Here are a few lessons you pick up from them.


Tyrion Lannister

You pick up a ton of lessons from this little chap in the family.

Be a good negotiator

These are some quotes he has said that prove the point.

If you deliver a message and I live as I very well intend to do, you will be rich”

What do u want. gold ? women? gold and women ? Stick with me and u shall have it all ?”

I quite like my head, i don’t want to see it removed just yet”

Whenever the day comes you are tempted to sell me out. Name your price. I’ll beat it”

These bad people are what I am good at, out thinking them, out talking them”

I like living”

He has a knack of turning people around to work on his side.

In negotiation, first find out these things;

  1. Whats the right price ?

  2. Who is for sale or can be persuaded ?

  3. Know who you can negotiate with and who you cannot.

Jamie Lannister ( his brother ) tries to negotiate with men loyal to Robb stark. The reward. His hand is cut off.

Be a good pitcher

I was born lucky”. I guess he was born lucky. He has evaded death at every turn.

This this the pitch of the Dwarf to Shae, the love of his life;

Shae asked him, “What do i get ?”

He responded “One safety. No 1 will hurt u as long as u are mine, two u have the pleasure of my company which I have heard is spectacular. Three, more gold u can spend than in a thousand years. Do u accept my proposal ?”

This is his speech when Stannis was at the gates, and it looked very certain that the city will be sacked.

Remember the King had deserted his troops

Don’t fight for your king.

Don’t fight for his kingdoms

Don’t fight for honor

Don’t fight for glory

Don’t fight for riches cause you won’t get any

This is your city Stannis means to sack

Thats your gate he is ramming

If he gets in, it will be your houses he burns

Your gold he steals

Your women he’ll rape

Those are brave men knocking at our door.

Lets go kill them”

Cersei Lannister

A mother’s love is strong

Cersei Lannister loves her children so much. Two examples are , When her daughter, Myrcella is about to be carried off as a sign of truce, she fiercely rejects the idea. She refuses to acknowledge the cruelty of her son, Joffrey, protects him so that he be crowned king.

You’ve got to be fast and be 1st ( grab opportunity )

When you play the game of thrones you win or you die. there is no middle ground”

When Robert Baratheon dies, Queen Cersei is first to move and has her son crowned king. This is so fast that the Hand of the king ( Ned Stark ) cannot claim that he isn’t the legitimate heir to the throne.

This leaves Ned stark( the one doing the honorable thing ) to be accused of treason, be jailed and ultimately beheaded at the end of season 1. That was a shook death for me too.

Lord Tywin

Be strong. Be offensive

He is strong. He doesn’t bulk down from opposition. He finds a way to have Robb Stark. He also frees the capital from Stannis attack.

Money talks

He has lots of money, and he lets his enemies know it.

Jaime Lannister

Also called the Kingslayer.

People are grateful.

Gratitude is still possible, even among the hardest of men. Remember when he rode back n saved his protector from being killed by a bear.

Joffrey Baratheon

People can be wicked

He might bear the last name Baratheon, but he was a Lannister. His wickedness seemed to know no bounds. He was the villian King everybody wanted to see dead.

The Starks


The Starks are another major family in the series. The pushed virtuous principles in the episodes. Here are the lessons, they left us with;

Ned Stark

Don’t be so trusting

He expected people to be as respectful as he was. He expected Queen Cersei to not take opportunity and place her son of the throne.

The reward for his trusting nature was imprisonment and then a beheading.

Catelyn Stark

A mother’s love

For the freedom of her children( Arya and Sansa ) from the capital, she puts the entire war campaign of her son, Robb, in a delicate balance when she frees the Kingslayer.

Arya Stark

Be elusive

Aria Stark keeps alluding death and capture. When her father is captured,she changes her appearance to that of a boy.

Quick thinking

Aria saves the bastard son of the dead king by saying that one of those killed was the son. Brilliant!

Robb Stark

Little decisions can have big consequences

In his case, his choices swung the battle in big ways. Robb Stark takes of the head of Richard cartark, lord of Cathold. Half his army abandons him after that act. He also marries the woman after his heart, which breaks the promise he makes earlier to a Lord for passage on a bridge.

Jon Snow

Kindness is always returned

The bastard son of Nedd Stark has a good heart. He shows it time and again. He even gets killed by trying to save the tribe beyond the wall.

These people then come to his side after he was thought to be dead. They loved him so much to have the Red Lady resurrect him from the dead.



The Baratheons are really a story of three brothers who all wanted the throne.

Robert baratheon

Don’t be too careless

He started the series as king and by the end of season one he was dead.

Why surround yourselves by a family that would have you dead sooner rather than later?

Stanis Baratheon

Men will try anything to get what they want

  1. Stannis Baratheon sacrificed his daughter

  2. He abandoned his religion for another ( God of Light )

  3. He uses black magic to kill his brother( guess he doesn’t care too much about family bonds)

Renly Baratheon

People forget things

People can forget things, including the succession line. After Robert Baratheon dies, Stannis is the legitimate heir. Just that Renly has a reason why he should be king.

When he meets his brother Stannis Baratheon, we see that the lust for power is a greater incentive than family.

Other characters

Sandor “the Hound” Clegane

Nobody wants to die

Everybody wants to survive

I thought the hound was supposed to be a bad ass dude, yet this was what he said when he was commanded by the King to go fight ( and quite really die )

Fuck the king’s guard

Fuck the city

Fuck the king”

Lord Wordor

Be a very good negotiator

Check this out for a pass on a bridge , Rob Stark accepts to marry Lord Wordor‘s daughter, and knight one of his sons, all for passage on a bridge.


You’ve got one job to do

Sometimes, your entire life is about sticking to one task. In his case, all he was supposed to do was Hold the door.

Theon Greyjoy

Blood is stronger than water

Greyjoy betrays the starks to bid his fathers wishes.

Margaery Tyrell

Stick with the winners

Always wants to be with the winning side. She first sleeps with youngest of the Baratheons, Renly. After he dies she goes to the side of King Joffrey. And after he dies, she makes sure he still gets to be queen by going to his brother Tomm. I call that sleeping your way to the top.

Ramsay Snow

Before he became a Lord ( that is Lord Bolton Snow ), he was called Ramsay Snow.

Ambition can still break family ties.

Snow wants the gratitude of his father so he does the bidding of his father Lord Bolton, but that does not prevent him from stabbing the father to death.

Departing lessons

I will leave you with this last lesson. Disability doesn’t mean inability. For example take a look at these example;

  1. A dwarf has outlived most characters from season one. He is a good pitcher and negotiator. He is not strong but uses his brain a lot.

  2. A cripple, has the power to control others.

  3. A woman has an army, dragons at her command and cannot be burnt.

Hope you enjoyed this rather long post. Hope to catch you soon, and that you learned something.

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